Pageant Patty

I am embarking on a completely new journey and something that I am definitely not used to.  Of course, growing up in Kentucky, this was a way of life for some, even for someone like my mother – who was gorgeous and the first of her kind.  Never would I have imagined that it would have been me.  However, after receiving a number of letters of interest, seeing the endless opportunities, and just experiencing something completely new, I decided that maybe it would be something that I would give a try.

I’ve decided to enter the pageant system.

Yes, this means that I will have to learn to walk, speak, and sit properly and manage to find a way to be completely comfortable onstage in a two-piece bikini after having a Brazilian wax.  Not to mention that I am going to have to learn to maintain a “lady’s tongue” and not speak everything that’s on my mind.  Don’t get me wrong, I am excited of the endless opportunities that this experience will bring.  However, I will be competing with other girls who have been trained throughout their entire lives as pageant professionals who know and have been told over and over again that they’re beautiful.  Here I am at 25 years of age entering into my first beauty contest.

Years ago, these pageants used to be much simpler.  Remember those days?  Yeah, me neither.  However, the Monopoly board game can even remind us of the times when beauty pageants were non-stressful.  Hmm.  Unfortunately, I can’t even get my shoes for $10.  Here’s for wishful thinking.


Welcome to my Pageant Patty Page!  Please visit my pageant page for more information.  I will be sure to update all of my experiences on my site.

3 Replies to “Pageant Patty”

    1. I somewhat disagree. Yes, pageants can pose these issues, but any form of competition can as well. Sports, dance, theatre, singing, anything. It all depends on the beginning self-esteem of a young girl to know whether or not she will be “stable” enough to handle the competition.

      Personally for me, it was a great growing experience. I never had so much of a focus placed on me that my coach gave, and it was great. Not to mention that the experience taught for me to be the “Best Me” that I could strive for. That’s really what it’s all about. However, the overall meaning can occasionally get misconstrued and there are some “holes” in the system (the type of girl a particular competition may want). Still, you have to have a personal goal that the girl wants; it should be just about winning.


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