Dieting, meh?


I’ve never really been the typical girl, meaning that I’m not much of a dieter.  I’m nearly “Anti-Diet”.  In my mind, I believe that you should be able to eat whatever you want and still be able to take care of yourself and reach the desired body type and weight that you would like.  Of course, this lifestyle would still include working out, not eating in an over-abundance, and not eating too late.  Clearly, I was proved wrong.

When I signed on the dotted line that I was going to do this whole “pageant thing”, apparently I signed away my right to eat red meats, BREAD (you have no idea how much this is affecting my life right now), carbonated drinks, and I probably shouldn’t eat anything fried.  However, my coach did not exactly nix fried foods off the list – hahaha.  Preparing for my pageant in a couple of months, my coach put me on a diet regime that I should abide by including racking up on a number of vitamin CAPSULES (they apparently enter the bloodstream quicker than tablets), in which, I will say, I have been following.  Surprisingly.  Each morning, I eat maybe a granola bar or a piece of fruit, followed by an egg-white omelette for lunch, and then maybe another piece of fruit or a veggie for a snack or for dinner.  Oddly enough, after only a week of listening to this crazy diet advice, I can already feel my stomach shrinking.  I’m not as hungry as I once was, and despite all of the office goodies that sit around my desk while at work, I find myself not nibbling on any of them.  Peanut butter has definitely become my friend, and it feels as if this diet is slowly leading me to a vegetarian lifestyle.  I’m ALL about the meat, but funny enough, I don’t HAVE to have it.  It seems as if my body is getting used to it not being there, so I’m not craving it as much.  Fine by me.

However, Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks and I do plan on being a “normal” eater, especially looking forward to my breads and rolls.  Hopefully, I can eat everything that I want without gaining all of the “luggage” back on.  That would be such a waste of dietary struggle.

Here’s to healthy – light – eating!…for two more months 😀

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