Pretty Enough to Have a Sugar Daddy


There were a number of inappropriate and scary images that I probably could have uploaded instead.  However, I decided to keep it a little lighthearted and fun.  My major challenge with this pageant prep (besides waking up at the crack of dawn to do my two-hour workouts) has been garnering sponsorships.  Moral of the story, I need a sugar daddy to help support me and buy me pretty dresses 🙂

In all seriousness, going into the pageantry field has definitely taught me how to be a business-woman and an entrepreneur of my own company.  I have to find creative ways to market and sell my brand and not just to people I know.  Yes, having friends and family with big bucks would definitely be beneficial, but that isn’t realistic.  When trying to gain supporters for some sort of program or event, you have to get in touch with real companies who are interested in your idea and willing to help support your brand and gain advertisement themselves.  Try your office, church, social organizations and societies, doctors and dentists, restaurants where you frequent, private boutiques, gyms, places that you would like to represent as a part of your campaign.  (I’m interested into going into women’s magazine writing, so make up companies, fashion and journalism companies would be ideal for me.)  This process definitely involves stepping out of your comfort zone and being completely professional.  So, here are some ideas when reaching out to local companies and businesses:

1. Type up a really nice formal yet personable letter of purpose and what you’re seeking.
2. Actually visit the companies to give a more organic approach.  Anyone can make a phone call or e-mail these days.  Be one of a kind.
3. Be creative (I’ve created a number of social media outlets for this purpose)
4. Be sure to stay in contact and update your sponsors.  You can’t take someone’s money and then be rude.  I make sure to thank each of my sponsors individually and, of course, I’ll be sure to mail each of them a personalized thank you letter.  Be professional and sophisticated.  They gave you the money to fund your program/event.  Don’t be cheap and be sure to send them a simple (yet nice) thank you card.  I also, like to use my blog and writings to update my sponsors.  At least they know that I’m not using their money to run away to France.

Nonetheless, those are my notes for sponsorships.  It’s definitely a trying process and probably not my area of expertise.  I’m a super busy girl, and finding time to ask someone for money can be a little intimidating and bold.  However, if you go about it the right way, people who are right there behind you will be willing to support you the entire way.

To my sponsors: thank you for reading and your continued support! 🙂

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