A couple of years ago, I decided to fast from all meat for Lent.  This resulted in eating a lot of cheeses and breads, I was a little weaker during the days probably because I wasn’t getting my nutrients in any other form, and I got the notorious meatmare.  Meatmares are known to occur when people remove meat from their diet, which is what happened to me.  I never would have imagined that it would reoccur but in a different form.

Last week, I had a glutenmare.


Because I have not had any gluten in a week (as of today), a few nights ago I experienced a glutenmare.  My nightmare was simple and basic: there was a cut bagel and cream cheese was being spread on the two halves.  Yes, I dreamed about bread.  I missed bread that much that I had to think about it during my slumber.

However, I have heard that the first three days to a week is the hardest.  At this point, I’m actually getting used to the idea of no bread, red meats, or fried foods.  To be honest, I think that my body is getting used to it and probably would not respond so well if I did try to eat any of that stuff.  (For the record, I am able to eat brown rice; it’s making my meal planning so much easier!)  Maybe this will be a lifestyle change, something to better myself for the future.  I can already see the results in my abs and my silhouette is slimming.

Here’s to at least another two months of being gluten-free!

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