Beauty Tip for the Week: Allowing for Extra Time

Every week, I will be sure to add a beauty tip that I like to live by – or at least try to incorporate into my daily/weekly habits. This week’s topic is to allow for extra time in the mornings.


Make sure to always wake up early and allow for extra time in the morning.  It gives you the best chance to better prepare for your day.  Not only do you feel completely rested, but you’ll be able to get everything done that is necessary.  I, personally, like to work out in the mornings.  I feel energized for the rest of the day, and I wouldn’t have any time after work in the evenings.  So, getting up early enough allows for me to get a really good workout in without having to worry about interfering with any other plans during the day.  The extra time also allows for me to remember to take my vitamins, eat breakfast, and plan my accessories for whatever outfit I decide to wear.

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I cannot stress enough what time in the mornings does for hair and makeup.  Yes, you can toss your hair into a quick and simple ponytail in three minutes, but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up.  Give yourself the extra time every now and then to throw in some curls or do an intricate hairstyle.  However, makeup is so dire to do at home.  I’m tired of seeing women applying mascara or foundation while riding the subway to work.  One, it’s tacky.  Two, I don’t want to have to experience your “before” and “after”; rather, I should just see YOU.  Three, majority of the time if you do not care to make makeup a priority before you leave the house, more than likely the makeup that you’re wearing is not doing you any justice.  Take TIME to put on concealer, take TIME to realize that your foundation is way too light for your complexion, take TIME to really look at yourself.  Finally, if you drive to work, putting on makeup while driving is dangerous.

I am the type of girl where my beauty regime feels complete once I put on my lipstick and moisturize my hands.  Those are two things that I tend to forget to do and may end up leaving the house before accomplishing them.  However, I feel completely at my best and at ease when I walk out of the house feeling completely ready.  You never know who you are going to run into on the street, and you should always be prepared just in case.  Chapped lips never wins anyone over and shaking hands with dry and ashy fingers can allow for you to lose a potential networking client.  Please, always start your day at your best and give yourself that extra cushion of time.  Besides, you’ll feel better about yourself and have a boost of confidence throughout your day.

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