The Perfect Coach

I absolutely love Roz.  A good pageant coach is definitely a hard find, and I am so lucky to have landed upon Roslyn Rolan of New Jersey.  This past weekend for our training session, she had me create a board of “appropriate” model and pageant poses, stances, walking, and sitting to remind me and keep me conscious of how I should hold and maneuver my body.  It was such a good and creative idea, and the board happily sits on a table in my apartment constantly reminding me of how I should look while “gliding” through the pageant.

Roz is like no other; she is like that classic mother from the 1950s teaching you how to grow into a proper young woman.  She holds herself with so much poise, class, and she floats through a room with her aura.  I trust her every judgment as far as my looks and how I should conduct myself.  Not to mention that she gives so much elegant honesty.  By that, she says everything that comes to her mind but in a way that needs to be said.  She really does give “The Truth” by every meaning, but she is willing able to work with every challenge that I, at least, have presented to her.


This is a woman who I will probably continue to seek some etiquette and beauty training even after my pageant.  Not only has she researched other pageant options for me (since clearly this may become a new interest of mine), but she has also given me advice on how to hold myself as a woman by way of attire, men, and even sex (and its advantages as a young pageant woman).  She truly is a class act, and she was much needed to help me become a finer woman.

I do not believe that all women need a pageant coach in order to develop their womanhood, but it definitely does help to have a real mentor to help you get in touch with your social femininity…in a fun way.  So much of our “ladylike” culture has been lost  progressively throughout the years, and sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to rekindle our feminine flame.  Thank goodness for Roslyn for letting me know that my love for proper etiquette isn’t completely crazy.

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