Give Your Skin Time To Breathe


My mother always taught me that you have to give some time to allow for your skin to breathe.  This means washing off makeup every night before sleep, using a cleanser and mask to moisturize or wash away all of the dirt and oils packed on from the day.  How true is this old wives’ tale considering that women can wear make up all day and then only have eight hours of non-makeup time during their slumber?

Speaking from personal experience, for the past several nights, I have committed the skincare sin of not washing off my makeup.  In the mornings, I’ve noticed that my skin has become a little drier and bland.  I’ve also seen some tiny, tiny bumps appear probably from clogged pores.  Typically, I am the type of girl who washes each night with my Body Shop Vitamin E cleanser, using its paired toner to take care of any excess dirt, and then I follow up with the eye cream, moisturizing mask, and even lip balm (which helps INCREDIBLY with super soft lips the next day!).  However, over the past week, I have not practiced my normal routine and I am experiencing the effects.

Don’t wash your makeup off before bed?  Take a look and see what can be a result: Not Washing Makeup Off Before Bed

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