Maybelline, Maybe Not


I am a girl who LOVES playing with eye makeup.  I like to research different eras of makeup and dress my face according to the 1960s or ’70s, and play with my hair to match.  It was a crucial time for makeup defining, at least for my personal style and interests, as a lot of the styles focus on heavy eye-lining.

Now, I will say Maybelline’s eyeliner is GREAT for creating a dramatic eye and line; the color is deep and gets straight to the point.  However, it smears absolutely way too much.  It’s ridiculous how I can put it on and within an hour it looks like I’ve been sweating in 80 degree weather when it’s actually freezing outside.  It’s embarrassing to know that I have smudges under my eyes or those nasty eye clumps and I keep swiping to clear my face only to end up with smudgey fingers.

Ladies, please save yourself the frustration and invest in another eyeliner.  I’ve even had a guy once think that I wore too much makeup because of how this stuff smears.  Don’t go through the hassle.

3 Replies to “Maybelline, Maybe Not”

  1. Brooke Leigh I literally stopped wearing eye liner on a regular basis a few months ago because everything I’ve tried smears by the end of the day. I just put a little mascara on my lower lash line, and call it quits. Do you have any suggestions for a liner with true staying power.


    1. I do like Revlon or Rimmel’s eyeliner. They stay without ever smearing. However, I have found that it is a little hard to find Rimmel on occasion.

      If it gets to the point where you have no choice but to wear a smudging eyeliner, make sure that you have a primer to put on beforehand. The primer will hold it on a little better. Once I started to always use a Mac primer with the Maybelline, I didn’t have as many issues. Still not my favorite choice though.


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