Back to the Glitz, but Always Glamorous


It was only a matter of time.  I’m back in the game.

As a performer, the process of pageant training has reminded me of the days of ongoing rehearsals, late nights, studying lines, molding myself into a different character, always trying to one-up the other actors, attempting to prove that you’re prettier than the lead actress… Kind of but not really.  (Pageant girls are actually much nicer than actors.)  I missed the experience of being on stage.  Oddly enough, the pageantry world allowed me to adopt a theatrical persona while also improving my own character traits.  On this behalf, I’m going to be back in the glitz and glamour.  However, this time around, it’s definitely a different mindset.

After competing in January, I was ready to jump back into any and every pageant possible.  I was hunting for anything in which I was eligible, which quickly shot out a number of pageants based on height and age, which completely confused me.  I didn’t understand how a woman less than 25 years of age was supposed to be so worldly on international news and truly make a difference with a system coaching her and telling her everything to do and say.  Then, I didn’t understand the height requirements and how that delegates what an idea woman is supposed to be.  None this made sense to me considering that I saw some women with incorrect grammar use, no knowledge on local news, not even versatile or cultured.  Nonetheless, maybe those systems were not for me or my career path.

So, I searched and finally found something to satisfy my pageantry needs.  At this point, it is no longer solely about the experience, but the personal and community gain.  I love the fact that platforms actually mean something.  It excites me to get back full-fledged into advocacy and community service and building awareness around the people I know.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?

The next several months will be about building my campaign.  I’m thrilled, excited, and can’t wait to make it all happen.

Besides, I need motivation to stay pageant-thin 😀


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