How many leather jackets you actually need


For the past couple of years, I’ve been waiting and searching for a blue leather jacket.  After being patient, I found the perfect midnight blue, short, soft leather jacket that curved around my waist perfectly.  Issue was, I already had a red one that was very, very similar and another blue one but with three-quarter sleeves.  If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right?  Well, I showed my newfound glory to one of my best friends who clearly didn’t realize the leather jacket difference and the need for multiple leather jackets.

The new soft blue jacket, the “similar” soft red one, and the old three-quarter leatherette.  Totally different, right??

rbb-231761-rio-i1     bebe-Red-Leather-Jacket     bebe-blue-cropped-zipper-leatherette-product-1-14682714-201191427_large_flex

In order to make sure that your wardrobe is complete so that you have that perfect leather jacket or coat for a springy dress or to wear as a trendy blazer with a pair of jeans, the following guideline will help you fulfill your leather needs:

1. Types of leather.  Learn to to know your favorite make of leather, whether it’s suede, hard leather, or soft.  Know which suits you and which you’re able to take care.  All require a different treatment and can be worn with different fabrics.  Suede typically will look out of place during the summer and will certainly require extra care.  Hard leather may not be as soft on your skin, but it will be okay if it gets caught in the rain.  Do your research.

2. Falsies.  You don’t always have to have a “real” leather jacket.  “Faux” ones are cool too and allow for you to experiment with more exotic colors without spending too much money.  I have both faux hard leather and suede jackets.  Love them to pieces and I get a number of compliments whenever I wear them.  However, fake hard leather does not last as long as the others and will eventually wear away.

3. Everyone has a black leather jacket.  If you don’t, save yourself the embarrassment and get one now.  NOW.  Open up another window and order one online ASAP.  (Try Guess?, bebe, Victoria’s Secret.)  They can be worn with absolutely anything.

4. Colors!  Possessing a multi-colored leather wardrobe is a must.  You can coordinate an entire outfit based off of that jacket, and it will definitely jacketmake you stand out in the crowd.  I personally own the red jacket as mentioned, camel-colored, brown, black, midnight blue, royal blue (yes, I got a little impatient waiting for the perfect blue), forest green, mint, chocolate, and sand.  Leather never gets old, and you can definitely accumulate them over the years.  Don’t think that my leather rainbow happened overnight.

5. Have a variety of styles.  Switch it up and be creative.  There is no reason to always have the same boring look.  Your style will become stale and generic.  Pay attention to detailing: peplums, motos, three-quarter sleeves, cropped jackets, hip-length coats, full-length coats.  Maybe go collarless, or a lab-styled coat?  How is the hardware: silver, gold, shiny or dull?  Are there extra designs on your piece that make it more unique?  Keep it funky.  Be original about your leather because it’s something that will last for awhile and should represent YOU.  Pay attention to current and classic trends.

My leather look for the day.
My Tuesday leather.

Overall, your leather wardrobe should be versatile in its use.  You want to have that perfect jacket to wear with a spring dress or a cute pair of jeans.  Leather is not meant to be worn as just one style.  More importantly, the best leather jacket is the one that makes you feel absolutely AWESOME.  

Have fun, be creative, and liberate your inner leather-junkie.

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