As I walked home with one of my best friends late one night this past week, it was after midnight when we stepped off of the train.  Even though she was here for Spring Break, the March weather was fierce and the wind was attacking us.  We couldn’t wait to get home after having dinner.

While walking down the street, a man somehow creeps up beside me, mumbling a bunch of nothing.  Similar to the phrases that people say who only hang out on the street that hardly even sounds a bit like English.

After his low muttering ended, the man said, “GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER.”

I have never been demanded to give my number before, especially by someone who could barely speak English.  I looked at this man with his hood over his face (didn’t even have the decency to allow for me to really see him), and I said, “No, I’M NOT GIVING YOU MY NUMBER!”

“Why not?”

“I’m cold, I’m going home, and I DON’T KNOW YOU!”

“Well, will you take mine?”

I have never been so perplexed during a street hollering-cat call-pickup before.  What man slithers over like a snake to demand a phone number, but cowers away like a broken puppy?  Not to mention when it’s less than freezing outside.

Men, do these weird, after midnight, when it’s freezing outside pickup lines ever work?  What gives you guys the courage to say the outrageous things that you do?

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