This Spring’s Important Transition Piece: The Wonders of a Shift Dress


Spring officially begins with the spring dress.  Every year, girls find themselves searching for the perfect outfit for the new season, and spring just so happens to be the rebirth of the wardrobe soul-searching.  It’s as if we’re freeing ourselves from winter’s heavy arms: the heavy coats, scarves, gloves and mittens that we have to keep track without losing one or the other, hats, layers, and the fact that we cannot wear dresses as openly as we would like.  It’s the season where we can embellish in our girliness and actually have fun in doing so.

image1xlThis season, I am completely in love with the shift dress.  It’s the dress that can be worn either as a top with leggings or as a dress sans pantalon.  It has a loose, bouncy flow, while still being super feminine.  It’s definitely a ’60s mod-style, and I love to either keep it funky and dated with a bouffant or more modern and trendy.  It’s the sexy, sophisticated, girl-next-door look that is extremely versatile in its use.  It’s a wonderful winter-to-spring transition piece.  The dress can be worn with cute winter boots on those colder spring days, or you can rock a dainty pair of peep-toe heels to heat it up for the warmer months.  Keep it dressy with maryjanes or make it more casual and day-to-day with cowboy boots.  It can be worn on a date or outing with your friends; then again, pair it with some cute accessories and a statement dress at work.

Whichever style you choose, you can’t go wrong with a shift dress this season.  You’ll immediately fall in love with the way it complements your womanhood.  My favorite shift dress supplier this year is definitely  Try something new and experiment with different colors and patterns; it’ll definitely be worth it.


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