Make Layers Count: Layering with Maybelline Mascara

Long and thick eyelashes are flirty and fun and give a sense of grace and femininity. My go-to mascara is definitely the Maybelline brand; however, I’m sure to always dress it up. The trick to having gorgeous, curling lashes isn’t just a quick swipe of the mascara wand and off you go. It is definitely the part of my makeup routine that takes the longest as I am always sure that they look perfect – free of clumps, thick, curled, and intimidating.

Step 1: Use a Lash Curler


Many people do not believe that this actually works, but it is a MUST-HAVE TOOL.  Especially if you have straight lashes, this lovely thing here will definitely curl them.  Make sure to clamp the lashes long enough so that the curl will actually hold.  Even if you already have naturally curly eyelashes, like myself, it’ll still add a little more bounce.

I purchased my curler from Sephora, but you can find great ones at drug stores as well. This is a tool that does not need to cost more than what it’s worth.

Step 2: Apply Big Eyes (repeat for second coat)

0004155433896_500X500This mascara is unique for its double wand made for the upper and lower lashes. It is sure to hit each individual lash, building length and volume. It is especially gifted in building volume.  I apply two coats to really thicken my lashes to ensure that they match the density of my eyeliner and eyeshadow. Thin lashes can make your makeup seem incomplete, so make sure to complement your entire look.

Step 3: Apply Styled Mascara

maybelline_cat_eyes_termek_ecsettel_preview1The last coat is for whatever style you wish to wear your eyelashes. My personal favorite is Maybelline’s Colossal Volume Cat Eyes. Even after applying previous coats with a different wand, my lashes still take the shape of the cat eye, but with just move thickness and volume. 

Definitely do not be lazy with your mascara. Take extra care to achieve the desired look of falsies but without the stressful application of glue, tweezers, and just making sure that you have the eyelash in the right spot. Giving yourself the extra time will definitely have you batting your eyes with confidence.

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