Beauty|Health: 5 Simple Rules for Being a Fitness Fan

Many people ask about my workout routines. So, going along with my beauty/health tips, I would like to go further in workout advice and proper fitness etiquette. Fitness isn’t always about going ridiculously hard in the gym or spending hours upon hours wandering around and looking clueless.

Competing in beauty pageants and being an actor religiously have me conscious about my body. Body maintenance is a part of my job. Granted, I do understand people who have more “conventional” jobs and may not always have the time or energy to fit in that period at the gym. However, I’m going to teach you how to make it a part of you workday regimen.

1. Set a Time That Works for You

itscardiotime1Make a schedule that works for your workout routine. I personally love working out in the mornings. Before my day becomes hectic, it gives me time to focus solely on me and to meditate. It also gives me time to catch up on Twitter. Not to mention that the exercise burns stored fat and keeps me energized throughout the rest of the day. The only downside is that I have to walk out of the house with my hair still wrapped to keep it intact. If working out in the evenings works better for you, then do it! It also has some advantages of burning fat gained during the day and can relax you before going to bed.

2. Stick to It

Working-Out-at-A-GymSeriously, stick to it! Once working out becomes a part of your “daily do”, it becomes easier. You’ll become a creature of habit – a good one. You’ll also start to look forward to it and how good it makes you feel. I do.

3. Reward Yourself

hard boiled eggI always look forward to a nice snack after exercising. Nothing over-the-top, and the healthier you start to eat, the more you’ll look forward to the simple things. In the mornings, I can’t wait to grab a cup of coffee and two hard-boiled eggs after spending over an hour sweating in public. Then, of course, the spa-like shower comes next. I love getting primped and dressed up for the day. So, this part comes as a reward for me.

4. Take a 2-Day Vacation

3732041_origAfter a long workweek of exercising, take two days off! Mine are called Saturday and Sunday. However, it all depends on your schedule. Just remember to not overwork yourself or your body could get used to the workout schedule. Allow for your body to cool down and for the muscle to build.

5. Add Some Variety

UnknownDon’t rely only on the gym in order to be a fitness guru. Explore yoga, zumba, spinning classes and kickboxing, jogging in the park, or pilates. I personally love ballet. It’s my special treat whenever I have any extra time. It keeps me super flexible and builds an intense amount of muscle. Go outside of the box with your exercise creativity.

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