Beauty and Health | Taking it All in Moderation

Moderation is key. After delving on both sides of the situation, completely obliterating something you love out of your diet isn’t living. At the same time, eating in an unhealthy manner isn’t the best way to go either. There is a way to really allow for your body to win: eat in moderation so your hips won’t scream in pain, but also still enjoy the foods you love so that your tastebuds aren’t crying.

Here are a few simple rules I like to live by to still eat a nice, slice of pizza while retaining my ab-werk:

1. Ask yourself if it’s worth it

I only eat one carb a week. So you have to figure out if this will be your moment of truth…or maybe there will be another one tomorrow. Either way, weigh out your options and if this food of choice will be your cheat item for the week.

2. Enjoy, but don’t indulge

Okay, yeah, enjoy that cheat item – ITEM. Only one or one meal. Don’t go overboard. The issue about cheating once a week is that if you binge, it will show. However, if you choose to cheat once a month, being an all-out pig for a full day won’t hurt you. (This makes Thanksgiving and Christmas definitely worth it.)

3. Be consistent in your workout routine

Remember that maintaining your ideal body image isn’t ONLY about eating. Be consistent in your workout habits as well. So, if you do have an extra cheat day, it won’t affect much.

4. Embrace your body type

What I love about eating what I want, it definitely emphasizes my figure. When I’m dieting too much, I become a stick. I lose my thighs and my butt, and I LOVE those parts about me! You have to remember that being fit isn’t only about being thin, but also showing your body at its best image. In order to maintain somewhat of a voluptuous shape, I know that I have to devour a Popeyes biscuit every now and then. And that’s okay. As long as it’s every now and then.

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