Pageant Patty: Petiteness

The moment has finally come. I'm officially on my physical journey heading to the USA Petite Pageant in Florida. For the next week, I am pausing other blog posts to focus on my experience to enjoy my time to be the best me possible. Over the course of the past few months of training, several people have … Continue reading Pageant Patty: Petiteness

Full-Time Pageant Queen

Back in for the running of pageanting, and it seems so different this time around. It's nearly as if it's become a way of life rather than a huge event that I have to spend all of my time preparing. Nearly like work. From searching for dresses, gaining ideas for the National Costume (don't ask), … Continue reading Full-Time Pageant Queen

Back to the Glitz, but Always Glamorous

It was only a matter of time.  I'm back in the game. As a performer, the process of pageant training has reminded me of the days of ongoing rehearsals, late nights, studying lines, molding myself into a different character, always trying to one-up the other actors, attempting to prove that you're prettier than the lead … Continue reading Back to the Glitz, but Always Glamorous

Panties, Poop, Porn, and a Pageant

After a full three months of preparation, I competed in my first pageant.  Natured as a Southern Belle and with Kentucky roots, I was able to follow in my mother's footsteps and demonstrate femininity, class, and maturation in my womanhood.  For that, I am grateful despite the outcome.  I learned so much through my experience, … Continue reading Panties, Poop, Porn, and a Pageant

Procrastination is Made for Pageanting

The countdown TRULY begins!  In one week, I will finally be competing for the pageant crown and title.  It has definitely been a long, tiring, and costly road, but I am thankful for the experience.  It has taught me so much about myself and becoming a finer woman.  I have tackled learning proper etiquette, sitting … Continue reading Procrastination is Made for Pageanting